Presentation of new faculty web pages

Posted by Administrator on 2/27/2019

Presentation of new faculty web pages

SARAJEVO, 27.02.2019. (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering) - At today's session of the Faculty of Teacher Education there was a presentation of new faculty websites. The new websites implement the latest technology and trends in the design and design of educational institutions' websites and represent a significant improvement over the previous system.

A brief presentation on the set goals and technological challenges set for the implementation of this project was held by author and implementer of the new system prof. dr. Senad Burak, associate professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. The basic advantages introduced by the new system, including:



Dynamic model with elements of the CMS system (content management system)

  • dynamically creating content pages,
  • adding new pages and menus,
  • adding and editing multimedia content, etc.


  • a fully implemented system with an overview of all elements in
  • Bosnian and English

Responsivness, speed

  • the latest technology implemented,
  • 'instantaneous' responsivness

After the introductory part, there was also a "live" presentation of the new system.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Sarajevo

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Posted by Administrator on 2/27/2019


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